Gramercy is a product design and creative technolog company.

We help progressive organisations create interactive product-driven products for the Web.


Gramercy Studios is a creative technology company that provides custom web development and product-driven design. We’re a small team, curious, open-minded, and collaborative. With a physical presence in Perth and Brisbane, and a remote distributed team, we get to collaborate and work with some fantastic people and clients not only in Australia but from around the world.

In addition to traditional web products, we provide Web3 education and development, empowering individuals and organisations to participate in the new open web built on blockchain technology.

We envision better digital spaces where compelling experiences are accessible to everyone, and together we aim to build products that help to create a better, progressively decentralised open web.

Building For The Modern Web

The Web is rapidly changing. As an organisation we embrace this and work hard to make sure we keep up. This gives us a unique understanding of the types of technologies that can be leveraged to execute a given creative concept.

We build for Web2 and Web3, in particular EVM (Ethereum) compatible smart contracts, and frontends that iteract with smart contracts in the rapidly evolving blockchain ecosytem.

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Our Approach

We build websites and apps that work the way you and your users need them to.

We start by shaping your concept. This is a creative process - it's the up-front work we do to set boundaries and reduce project risk. We consider interface ideas, technical possibilities, and business priorities, including budget, to produce well-defined product elements before the build.

We reduce risk in the build process by integrating design and programming early on, working in cycles to build meaningful pieces of the work, end-to-end, rather than building lots of disconnected parts hoping they’ll fit together in the 11th hour. Then we repeat. Together we test as we go.

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