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Paterson Architects - Mind wide open

Great architecture makes you feel something. So should your architect. Architecture is more than just designing a building. It's about providing a space for people to connect to.

How it was done

The Paterson Architects website is a custom Gatsby progressive web app.

React.js for the frontend, and DatoCMS as the headless backend data source for content management.


SEO, performance, and scalability were core requirements for Paterson Architects. They also wanted to create an experience that was unique to themselves, and not limited by technology or design.

We planned to use a managed headless CMS for the backend, so did not require a backend server. With Gatsby's built-in features, including data querying with the unified GraphQL layer, and the ability to easily manage and deploy the static assets, Gatsby.js (and thus React) for the frontend became a natural choice.


It was important for Paterson to be able to easily create and deliver consistent content quickly to all of their applications. We also needed the freedom to use any modern web tool to build the apps that serve Paterson content. The headless DatoCMS platform was chosen as the end-to-end content management solution.

Paterson's digital content and marketing teams can easily create, manage, automate SEO, and distribute content for all their applications from one unified platform.

DatoCMS' managed global CDN-backed GraphQL API ensures that the content is accessible, performant, scalable and secure. The user-friendly dashboard and publishing system is easy to use, and provides tremendous content modeling flexibility to meet Paterson's data needs.


We deploy the Paterson site to Netlify's global Edge network - a globally distributed CDN designed for fast, low latency sites. Netlify also handles the contact form submissions.


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